Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor Pale Vermillion and Crimson Red

Pale Vermillion and Crimson Red aren’t really my favorite colors to use, but I think this mandala color palette works well. The Jade Green and Sepia tones serve to tone down the vibrant nature of the colors.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC948 –  Sepia
  • PC1803 – Putty Beige
  • PC1201 – Jade Green
  • PC921 – Pale Vermillion
  • PC924 – Crimson Red

The image is from the free Greatest Hits coloring book from Jade Summer. This sampler collection of 50 images includes mandalas, as well as animals, mermaids, flowers, and more.

Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor Lilac and Aquamarine

Coloring is the perfect cure for a bad day. There’s something about combos of lilac and aquamarine just makes me happy!

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC1007 – Imperial Violet
  • PC956 – Lilac
  • PC1027 – Peacock Blue
  • PC905 – Aquamarine
  • PC992 – Light Aqua

The mandala image is from Ugh, I Can’t Even: A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book by Papeterie Bleu. This book features a collection of quick and easy mandala images with sarcastic and humorous sayings that are sure to turn a bad mood around.

Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor True Blue and Warm Grey

Warm grey and blue is one of my favorite home decor color combos, so I decided to translate this idea into a pretty color palette for a mandala.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC901 – Indigo Blue
  • PC903 – True Blue
  • PC913 – Spring Green
  • PC1051 – 20% Warm Grey
  • PC1056 – 70% Warm Grey

The mandala is from Coloring Pages for Adults, a free PDF book available on Wikimedia Commons. This 258-page freebie has mandalas, butterflies, animals, hearts, and more for you to color. I printed my design at 50% scale so it would be small enough to add to a handmade greeting card when I was finished.

Snag a Free Adult Coloring Book from Jade Summer

Jade Summer, owned by Fritzen Publishing, offers a number of adult coloring books covering themes such as animals, flowers, Alice in Wonderland, and more. Visit their website for a number of free downloads, including a free PDF adult coloring book featuring their 50 best coloring pages. (You’ll need to sign up for their newsletter by clicking on the “Join our email list” to get the free book, but the newsletter gives you access to so many great samples that it’s well worth the effort.)

If you love the freebies in this great coloring book, Amazon has all of the Jade Summer titles available for purchase. Most sell for just $6.99, which makes them an affordable addition to your collection.

Getting Started With Grayscale Coloring: Tutorials and Free Sample Pages

Grayscale coloring is a new way to enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of adult coloring. Instead of coloring in a traditional line drawing, you are coloring over an image highlighted with different shades of gray. This gives you the look of shading in your finished picture without actually having to shade the colors yourself. For this reason, many people find that grayscale coloring pages are more forgiving of small mistakes than pages done with traditional line art.

Popular subjects for grayscale coloring pages include landscapes, animals, flowers, and fairytale or fantasy drawings. Grayscale coloring is most often done with colored pencils, but you may try using watercolors or markers. However, keep in mind that you want to use a coloring medium that will let the gray in the original image show through. Opaque mediums such as gel pens will cover up the details in a grayscale page, which is why they are typically only used for highlighting small areas.

Grayscale Coloring Tutorials

If you’re thinking about trying grayscale coloring for yourself, start with this short beginner video.

This video focuses on blending colors on grayscale pages.

If you want to color pages with people, you’ll find this skin tone video helpful.

Free Grayscale Coloring Pages

Canoe by Mountain Lake free grayscale coloring page from Coloring Pages Bliss

Free grayscale coloring page with fairy from Aurella Art

Free grayscale coloring page with fairy from Color Planer

Venice, Italy free grayscale coloring page from Sarah Renee Clark

Popular Grayscale Coloring Books 

Beautiful Nature

Adorable Animals

Enchanted Art

Animals Grayscale Coloring Book

Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Review: A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Copics

I have wanted to try alcohol markers for some time. Since I’m on a tight budget, I decided to try out the highly rated Ohuhu markers from Amazon.

Ohuhu markers come in 80 and 40 count sets, so you can choose which one best meets your needs. The price works out to be about 68 cents per marker for the smaller set and 56 cents per marker for the larger set. Either way, this is a steal since comparable Copic sets on Amazon sell for $5 or more per marker.

What I Love

  • The colors are vibrant and highly pigmented. Just keep in mind that they will dry a little lighter than what they first appear. I would suggest making yourself a labeled color chart for reference.
  • I know lots of people prefer a brush tip, but for me the fine tip and bullet tip are easier to use than the brush tips. The fine tip is sufficient for all but the most detailed of adult coloring books.
  • Blending is fairly easy. I’m a newbie when it comes to alcohol markers, but it didn’t take me too long to figure out how to blend the colors.
  • The included carrying case makes it easy to store and transport your markers for coloring on the go.

What I Don’t

  • The printing they use on the caps is terrible. I love the idea of being able to identify each color with a name and number, but the printing keeps wearing off. I’ve been using these markers for about two months now and the printing has worn off on 75% of the caps. (However, in the Amazon product description, it looks like there is a new 2018 version of the product that is supposed to address this issue.)
  • There are no decent skin tones, so if you color people a lot you’ll need a separate set for that.
  • There is no blending marker included, so I purchased mine separately. You can make some neat effects without a colorless blender, but it’s definitely a nice addition that I wish would have been added.


Blue and green color test using color numbers 185, 63, 163 and 59.

Pink color test using color numbers 6, 15, 8, and 196.

Yellow and orange color test using color numbers 33, 23 45, and 10.

Final Thoughts

I was a little nervous about this purchase because I researched the company and found that Ohuhu doesn’t make art supplies exclusively. On their website, they have markers as wella s home, health, auto, music, beauty, and gardening items. That’s quite the diverse assortment!

Overall though, I’m very pleased with this set for the price. If you’re a beginner who wants to experiment with alcohol markers, but can’t afford Copics or other premium brands, this is a great alternative.

Additional Info

Don’t Miss These Crayola Deals on Amazon

There are some great deals on Crayola products on, especially if you’re a Prime member who can get free shipping with add-on items!

A 50 count box of Crayola colored pencils for $5.27 is an amazing price! Consider buying extra to keep on hand for gifts throughout the year. It’s an add-on item, but who can’t easily spend half their paycheck on Amazon?

This Crayola Escapes adult coloring kit is just $5.87 as an add-on item. It includes 50 Colored Pencils, 12 Watercolor Color Pencils, and 12 11 x 17 inch premium coloring pages
created by renowned artist Claudia Nice. Color Escapes kits normally sell for $24.99 on the Crayola website, so this is a total steal!

This Crayola Geoscapes kit is selling for $3.99 as an add-on item and includes 20 markers with 20 adult coloring pages.

Dollar Tree’s “Color Your Own Greeting Cards” Are a Surprisingly Good Value

I love Dollar Tree, but haven’t been a fan of their adult coloring books due to the substandard paper quality. However, during my last few trips, I’ve noticed they are starting to stock “Color Your Own Greeting Cards” that are a surprisingly good deal. For $1, you can pick up a package of two cards with foil printed designs. The cards are blank on the inside, which makes them perfect for personalizing however you see fit. The included envelopes are plain white, but could be embellished with color your own stickers, washi tape, or hand drawn doodles if you wanted.

The “You’re the Best” card in this post was one I colored for Mother’s Day. The “Thinking of You” card was sent as a sympathy card for a friend who has been going through a tough time. Both were colored using glitter gel pens. (You’d want to avoid markers on these due to the bleed through, but colored pencils should be fine if that’s what you prefer.)

I found my “Color Your Own Greeting Cards” packs in a display by the cash register, but all Dollar Tree stores are a little different. Ask a salesclerk for help if you can’t find them locally.

If you’d rather make your own cards, check out the following ideas: