What Should I Color With?


If you’re interested in hopping on the coloring books for adults trend, you might be wondering what you should use to fill in your designs.

Popular options include:

  • Crayons: If you’re a traditionalist, coloring with a box of Crayolas is certainly an option. However, it may be difficult to handle intricate details with basic crayons.
  • Colored Pencils: Colored pencils give your picture a more sophisticated look than crayons, but you’ll need to keep a pencil sharpener handy. They’re a little pricey, but I’d highly recommend Prismacolor pencils in the largest set size you can afford.
  • Gel Pens: Gel pens work especially well for coloring patterns and other abstract designs. You can also find gels pens with glitter or metallic ink, which adds a new dimension to your coloring experience.
  • Markers: Coloring with markers can be tricky, but you can produce beautiful results this way. Fine tipped markers are ideal. Always test your markers first to check for bleed through onto the following page. If your coloring book has designs printed only on one side, use a thick sheet of cardboard in between the pages to prevent bleed through.
  • Watercolor Pencils: If you’re working with designs printed on fairly thick paper, watercolor pencils can be used to add a painterly touch to your colored designs.

[Image is a page from Pocket Posh: Pretty Designs for Fun & Relaxation.]