Download a Free Coloring Book from The Togetherness Project

Free Coloring Book from The Togetherness Project

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coloring on a budget

It’s not too often you see an entire coloring book available as a free download, so I urge you to head over to The Togetherness Project. They’ve created a 28-page printable PDF coloring book full of beautiful designs and inspirational quotes.

The Togetherness Project is dedicated to empowering and changing the lives of women affected by infidelity, pornography, and/or sexual addiction. They assist women who are recovering with their partners, healing after divorce, or just trying to figure out what these challenges means in their life. If you enjoy their free coloring book, you’re encouraged to make a tax-deductible donation via Paypal to help support their mission.

[Images are colored pages from The Togetherness Project coloring book.]