Artist Interview: Miryam Adatto

Miryam AdattoThis week, I’m so excited to share a short interview with Miryam Adatto. If you’re a fan of the Creative Haven coloring books from Dover Publications, you’ve probably seen her work. Miryam is the artist behind Fanciful Faces, and Dreamscapes. Her newest books, Floral Frenzy and Magical Landscapes, are currently available for pre-order via Amazon.

When did you first start drawing?

Drawing has always been a part of my life.

How would you describe your artistic style?

Fun doodling, with flow, continuous shapes, surrounding and interlacing embracing the beauty of nature.

Do you have any mentors who have influenced your work?

I have no mentors. I believe in the freedom of drawing.

In your opinion, why has adult coloring become such a popular hobby?

Coloring is entertaining and relaxing. There’s always a happy thought when you’re surrounded with colors. Most adults like to color, but they think it’s only for children. Coloring for adults became a trend because it allowed us to color with dignity, style, and appreciation.

What’s your personal favorite medium for coloring?

Color pencils.  Since I was 4 years old, my favorite gift has been a box of coloring pencils. Every year for my birthday, I asked for colored pencils. The best:  Prismacolor. I bought Faber Castell thinking it was finer, but I didn’t like them. I love Pelikan too. The colors are intense.

Do you have any coloring tips to share?

Color in many layers and different colors, not only light and dark.

[Photo is courtesy of Miryam, showcasing her book and her gorgeous set of Prismacolor colored pencils — which she describes as one of her best gifts ever received.]