Enter to Win a Free Absurd Coloring Book

weirdosIf you like connecting with other colorists on Faceboook, here’s a fun contest to enter. Absurd Coloring Book is giving away three books: The Absurd Activity Coloring Book for Adults, The Absurd JUST Coloring Book for Adults, and the Faerie Trimmings Coloring Book.

To win, you need to

  1. Join the ColoUring For Weirdos Facebook group.
  2. Color a page from either of the Absurd Books or from the Faerie Trimmings book. (Click here for a free download if you don’t have these books.)
  3. Post your picture in the comments of the pinned post at the top of the ColoUring For Weirdos group page and include your Weirdo Warrior name! (For example, mine is J.A. Early Riser which stands for Just Another Early Riser)

Entries are due September 6 at 11:59 pm PST. The company will announce the winners shortly after that.

Good luck to everyone who enters!