Adult Coloring Books Featured on CBS News

28-lost-ocean-2There’s a great article on CBS News about the popularity of adult coloring books, featuring interviews with several colorists as well as those in the publishing industry. I love this quote from Johanna Basford explaining why she felt compelled to create Secret Garden. “I just felt that there was an opportunity for people to be creative and do something with their hands that was analog,” Basford said. “You know, a blank sheet of paper could be quite intimidating. But with a coloring book, the outlines will be there and I wondered if people would latch onto that as a chance to sort of flex the creative muscle.”

That’s exactly how I feel about coloring! After spending all day working at the computer, there’s nothing more relaxing than turning off the screen and trying to pick out new color combos for a project. It’s by far the best part of my evening!

[Page from “Lost Ocean” coloring book by Johanna Basford.]