Yoobi Gel Pens Are a Guilt-Free Treat

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Do you love to color, but feel guilty splurging on new supplies for yourself? With Yoobi, you can indulge your passion guilt free! This amazing brand is committed to helping children across the United States get the supplies they need to succeed in school.

For every Yoobi item you purchase, an item is added to a Yoobi classroom pack that is distributed to a low-income classroom with the assistance of the Kids in Need Foundation. After having been in business for just one year, Yoobi has already donated enough school supplies to reach over 1 million children nationwide. That’s 1 million kids who would otherwise be going to school without crayons, pencils, notebooks, and other necessities!

Yoobi promotes itself as primarily a school supply brand, but there are several items of interest to fans of the adult coloring trend. My personal favorite is their gel pens.

In the picture above, I used each of the 12 colors in Yoobi’s 12 pack of assorted gel pens. This colorful assortment gives you six pastel and six neon colors, which pair together quite nicely for a rainbow effect. I can see this being a fab color palette for books with black backgrounds!

Yoobi pens have a smooth ink flow and vibrant colors, although their ink is very “dry” compared to the popular Sakura Gelly Roll pens. This works out well for me though, because I’m forever smudging pictures with my Gelly Rolls. Also, I’ve found that combining the Yoobi pens with my Gelly Rolls makes it much easier to create blended effects and keeps the smeared ink to a minimum.

yoobi pens 02

If you’re all about the sparkle, Yoobi also has a 12 pack of color and glitter gel pens with six glitter pens and six neon pens. I love the subtle sparkle in these glitter pens, but I should point out that the neon colors are the same as the ones in their regular assorted set. So, you’ll end up with duplicates if you purchase both. (I gave the duplicates to my son for his doodles, but you could always save them until you start to run out of colors.)

Finally, for on-the-go coloring, Yoobi has a 24 pack of mini gel pens in a plastic case. I haven’t had a chance to try this product yet, but it’s on my wish list when my current set of mini gel pens runs out.

Yoobi items can be found at Target stores nationwide or purchased direct from Yoobi.com.  On the Yoobi website, shipping is free for orders of $35 or more.

[Top photo is a colored mandala from the Happy Coloring Compilation. Bottom photo is a page from Color Me Crazy.]

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