Use Your Favorite Coloring Pages to Make Cute Custom Storage Pouches

duct tape bag

One thing I’ve struggled with as I’ve become interested in coloring books for adults is what to do with all my finished pages. I started by just keeping them all in a folder, but the stack is getting so big that I’ve been looking for ways to incorporate them into other craft projects.

This project is an easy DIY that turns an ordinary Ziploc bag into a cute custom storage pouch. Depending upon the size of the bag you use, this project can be turned into a pencil case, a makeup bag, a coupon organizer, or reusable gift wrap for a special present.


  • Finished coloring page
  • Scissors
  • Clear packing tape
  • Duck tape roll in a color that coordinates with your colored page
  • 2 Duck tape sheets in a second coordinating color
  • Ziploc plastic bag in the size of your choice


  1. Trim your colored sheet to the desired size.
  2. Use strips of clear packing tape to adhere your colored sheet to the front of your Ziploc bag. Cover the entire design so you’re effectively “laminating” the page with your packing tape. You want to leave about 1 inch of tape on each border area to make sure it’s secure. 
  3. Use scissors to neatly trim off any excess tape.
  4. Use a Duck tape sheet on each side of your design to reinforce your Ziploc bag. For my project, I used a gallon size Ziploc bag and left a 1 1/2 inch border on each side. My dark green Duck tape sheets overlap a bit on the back side, but the extra tape just adds a little additional stability to the bag.
  5. Finish your bag by using the Duck tape roll to run horizontal strips across the top and bottom of the bag. I had my strips overlap in the middle of the back of the pouch, then trimmed them with my scissors for a neat seal.