Trash Into Treasure: Use Your “Ruined” Coloring Page to Make an Altered Altoids Tin

altoid tin

Have you ever started a page, colored happily for about 20 minutes, and then make a mistake that totally ruins your entire picture? If so, don’t despair. There’s no need to crumple up your masterpiece and toss it in the trash. Simply use the best part to create this cute altered Altoid tin.


  • Colored picture of your choice
  • Ink pen
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape or white liquid glue
  • One empty Altoids mint tin
  • Self-adhesive trim or patterned washi tape


  1. Flip your colored picture over. Trace the outline of the top of the Altoids tin onto the back side of the paper.
  2. Cut around the paper, trimming slightly inside the lines.
  3. Use strips of clear packing tape to laminate your colored paper. Trim as needed.
  4. Apply double sided tape or white liquid glue to the back of the paper. Adhere paper to the top of the Altoids tin.
  5. Use self-adhesive trim or patterned washi tape to decorate the sides of the container. (The rhinestone trim in this example was something I purchased from the dollar bin at my local Michael’s craft store several months ago.)
  6. If desired, use a second sheet of paper to cover the writing on the bottom of your tin.

Decorated Altoids tins make wonderful makeshift cases for store loyalty cards, business cards, pills, bobby pins, spare change, and other tiny items. With Christmas coming up, you could also make several to use as gift card holders.