Treat Yourself to a Subscription to Art Therapy Magazine

art therapy magazineEver wish you could have new coloring pages and art supplies delivered right to your mailbox without the hassle of picking them out yourself? With a subscription to Art Therapy magazine, you’ll receive a weekly magazine filled with coloring pages and articles about topics such as how to improve your art, destress, and share your pages with others. As an added bonus, each issue comes with a selection of art supplies, such as colored pencils, markers, or gel pens. If you’re just starting out, this is a fabulous low-stress way to build your supply stash.

Each issue of Art Therapy features the following sections:

  • Color with Confidence: Artist techniques to improve your work. The tips are fairly basic, but I can see how they’d be helpful if you don’t have a strong art background and need some advice on how to boost your artistic confidence.
  • Sketchpad: Quick and easy doodles for when you only have a few minutes to color. You can cut them out and add them to handmade cards or other craft projects when you’re done. Since I’m kind of impatient when it comes to coloring, this was my favorite section of the magazine. I love instant gratification!
  • Color Me Happy: A guide to improving your knowledge of color theory, featuring a new color each month. I found this section full of interesting facts. If you subscribe, I’d save the articles from each month and put them together in your own color theory binder so you have an easy reference guide when you want a new color combination for your work in progress.
  • Color Me Calm: A selection of full-page coloring designs, plus a color by numbers pattern. Each issue’s designs have a different theme, so you have a wide selection of pictures to choose from. They all remove easily from the magazine for a more convenient coloring experience. 
  • Ten-Minute Mindfulness: Short meditation exercise to help you relax and improve your focus. If you’re coloring to help cope with depression or anxiety, this section will be quite helpful.

In addition, you’ll receive a selection of art supplies with each issue. The sample issue I received from the publisher include three markers and three colored pencils. The colored pencils were in the middle range of ones that I’ve tried before. They’re not professional-grade pencils, but they’re just fine for a casual hobbyist. I really liked the vibrant colors of the markers, but the triangular shaped barrel and the thicker tip made them hard to use for the tiny details in the magazine’s coloring pages. They work really well for simple mandalas, however. 

Art Therapy was introduced in the UK and France, but is now available for US subscriptions. You can visit the Art Therapy website to subscribe for just $4.95 per issue. When you subscribe, you’ll receive 7 free gifts:

  • Pencil case
  • Magazine storage box
  • Coloring poster
  • Coloring clip board
  • Color wheel
  • Portfolio for storing your finished pages
  • Gel pen set

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher.