Sneak in a Little Coloring Fun at the Office

adult coloring with highlighters

Ever find yourself at work with a little free time on your hands? Why not try some adult coloring fun? Although you probably don’t have colored pencils or markers at the office, I’m guessing you have a few highlighters. Their florescent ink can be loads of fun to color with and the picture will glow under a black light when you’re finished. The example above, which is a page from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain, was colored using mini highlighters from Yoobi.  Since they donate school supplies to low-income kids with every purchase you make, I love supporting this brand. The small size of the highlighters makes them a little tricky to work with in tight spots, but since you get 10 colors for $4.99 I think they’re still a fab addition to my supply stash.