‘Stress Less Coloring – Fantasy’ Will Convince the Men in Your Life to Color with You

stress less coloring fantasy

I’m still annoyed that I have to wait a whole week between episodes of Game of Thrones, but luckily I can get my fantasy fix with Stress Less Coloring – Fantasy. This collection of over 100 images is perfect for anyone who loves dragons, mermaids, and other mythological creatures.

fantasy book coverIf you’re looking for a book that will encourage the men in your life to color with you, I think this title is a good choice. The Celtic patterns, tattoo inspired pages, and designs inspired by Greek mythology seem to appeal to more masculine tastes. When my husband was flipping through this book after I received it, he said it was his favorite of all the Stress Less Coloring books. My 11-year-old son was also quite fond of the dragon images, even though he dislikes almost all of the other coloring books in my collection.

As with all the other Stress Less Coloring books, the designs in this title are printed one sided. They’re easy to color with colored pencils, although I personally think the nature of the title calls out for glittery or metallic gel pens. Nothing says fantasy like a dragon with metallic scales or a mermaid with flecks of glitter in her hair!

You can purchase Stress Less Coloring – Fantasy on Amazon for $12.20. The list price for the book is $14.99.

Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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