Save 20% on ‘The Wynwood Coloring Book’

wynwood-coloring-book-10Artist and social entrepreneur Diego Orlandini has released The Wynwood Coloring Book, a stunning compilation of black and white pages inspired by renowned artists of the Wynwood community. Each page is an opportunity to reimagine the colors of the iconic street art displayed in one of the most recognized art districts in the world and to connect you to the thriving art
scene that has developed in Wynwood.

This adult coloring book features 64 pages on high-quality paper, including carefully curated Wynwood street art and a full-color directory with the name and information of the artists participating in the book. Made out of environmentally conscious wood-free paper, the book allows you to color to your heart’s desire without worry the markers will bleed.

The book is easily portable 8 x 8 inches, with an o-wire binding that makes it easy to color in the comfort of your home or even on-the- go. It is perfect for framing, coffee tables, and gifts. Simply relax, gather up all your creativity, and get ready to color for hours!

The book features some of the best artists who have decorated Wynwood, past and present. You will recognize many of these artists who have a strong presence, or you might learn from new rising talents who are equality representative of the Wynwood community.  Here’s the complete list:

  • wynwood-coloring-book-11Alex Senna
  • Alexander Mijares
  • Alice Mizrachi
  • Cernesto
  • Chris Riggs
  • Claudia La Bianca
  • Cori Hohër
  • Danielle Brutto & Molly Rose Freeman
  • Davel
  • Diana Conteras
  • Earl Funk
  • Elle
  • Entes y Pesimo
  • Erni Vales
  • Ever
  • Fallen Rose of 2Square
  • GG
  • Gonzo247
  • Indie 184
  • Ivan Roque
  • Jason Botkin
  • Jenny Perez
  • Jim Mahfood
  • Jorge Rodriguez
  • Krave
  • Lola Blu
  • Luis Valle
  • Makatron
  • Misha Tyutyunik
  • Nicole Salcedo
  • Patch Whisky
  • Pawn Price
  • Sheryo & The Yok
  • Stink Fish
  • Spear Torres
  • The London Police
  • Uncutt
  • Whut213
  • Will Rodriguez Graffx
  • Zosen Bandido & Mina Hamada

The Wynwood Coloring Book retails for $25 online at and in various stores around Wynwood and elsewhere.  From now until July 11, you can save 20% with the exclusive coupon code simplyinspired.

The Wynwood Coloring Book has pledged to contribute part of the revenue to The Aimfully Foundation, whose mission is to place one thousand children in universities around the globe in the next five years. This means you can feel good about splurging on yet another book for your collection!