Art-n-Fly’s Brush Tip Markers Give You a Painted Look Without the Mess

coloring with brush markers
Art-n-Fly’s new soft brush markers let you experience the joy of painting with watercolors without the mess. This gives you an entirely new way to enjoy your favorite adult coloring books!

If you’re used to working with regular fine tip markers, this product can be be a bit tricky at first. It helps to think of them like a paintbrush, so you’re holding them with a lighter touch and at a bit of an angle. Unless you’re already an experienced painter, I’d suggest practicing with a free printable coloring page or two so you can get a feel for how they work. For me, figuring out how to use them for smaller areas and finer details was the trickiest part.

The brush tips are a flexible nylon and will bend to whatever direction you push them. This lets you vary your strokes and layer or blend different colors together. I had a blast coloring the flowers shown in this post, which are from Stress Less Coloring: Flower Patterns by Adams Media.

art-n-fly brush markersOne of the things I found most interesting about these markers was that they had minimal bleed through in my coloring books. There was some bleed through in the areas where I’d blended the colors together, but this was still less than I typically get using Sharpies or Bic Mark-its. I’d still suggest putting a sheet behind the page you’re coloring as a precautionary measure, however.

Although there are only 12 colors in the set, they represent a broad enough range to make these markers useful for a wide variety of projects for both children and adults. They’re especially well suited to calligraphy and hand lettering, which is awesome if you’re a scrapbooker, a card maker, or really into bullet journaling.

There are no refills currently available, but the company is working on adding a refill option for future purchase. So, this would be a plus if you’re concerned about being as eco-friendly as possible with your coloring.

Purchase your Art-n-Fly brush tip markers on Amazon for $18.99.

brush marker flower