100+ Butterfly Gardens in One Book: What’s Not to Love?


91e5s37s-6lOne reason why I haven’t been blogging much lately is that I recently experienced quite a few health problems. After multiple trips to the doctor and a hastily scheduled surgery, I’m on the mend. However, I was stuck in bed and rather miserable for several weeks.

During my time recuperating, Stress Less Coloring: Butterfly Gardens was my favorite book to color in. There’s just something about butterflies that makes me happy. Maybe it’s because they symbolize the ability to cope with change and come through stronger. Or perhaps it’s just that they’re bright and colorful. Either way, this book has over 100 different images of gorgeous butterflies for you to enjoy. Large butterflies, small butterflies, abstract butterflies, realistic butterflies — you’ll find it all in this title. Some of the pages even have butterflies hoovering over flower gardens for an added coloring challenge.