Prismacolor Color Palette: Warm Grey

Gray is my favorite neutral to wear, but I don’t often use it in my coloring. However, I really love this color combination. It’s one I’ll have to remember when updating my wardrobe.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC921 – Pale Vermillion
  • PC1002 – Yellow Orange
  • PC989 – Chartreuse
  • PC1051 – 50% Warm Grey
  • PC1051 – 20% Warm Grey

The picture is from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain. This is one of her earlier books, but I keep coming back to the designs because I love the smaller size and the instant gratification of getting a picture done quickly.