Dollar Tree Shopping: What to Buy to Support Your Adult Coloring Habit

Dollar Tree’s business model lends itself to impulse buys. When everything is just $1, it’s tempting just to throw items in your cart and not give it a second thought. However, if you’re thinking about buying adult coloring books at Dollar Tree, I’d have to urge you to take a pass. Even though they’re only $1, it’s better to save your money and buy some nice paper and ink for use with your favorite free adult coloring pages.

Here’s what’s wrong with Dollar Tree’s adult coloring books:

  • The paper is thin.
  • Some of the books use paper with a slight grayish or yellowish tint instead of the crisp white paper you’ll find in higher quality books.
  • Most pages are double sided.
  • Very few books have perforated pages, making them hard to remove when you’re done.
  • The books use clip art instead of original illustrations.

The only time I’d recommend buying Dollar Tree’s books is if you have no access to a printer and you only use colored pencils so you’re not worried about bleed through. Even then, I’d still recommend only buying one or two of your favorites.

That being said, you can still find some nice items at the Dollar Tree to support your adult coloring obsession. If you’re looking for a way to organize your collection, they have an endless supply of colorful plastic cups and bins. There are also binders for storing your finished pages, folders, and pencil pouches. The adorable bunny pouch featured at the top of this post was one I purchased on my last Dollar Tree run.