Don’t Miss These Crayola Deals on Amazon

There are some great deals on Crayola products on, especially if you’re a Prime member who can get free shipping with add-on items!

A 50 count box of Crayola colored pencils for $5.27 is an amazing price! Consider buying extra to keep on hand for gifts throughout the year. It’s an add-on item, but who can’t easily spend half their paycheck on Amazon?

This Crayola Escapes adult coloring kit is just $5.87 as an add-on item. It includes 50 Colored Pencils, 12 Watercolor Color Pencils, and 12 11 x 17 inch premium coloring pages
created by renowned artist Claudia Nice. Color Escapes kits normally sell for $24.99 on the Crayola website, so this is a total steal!

This Crayola Geoscapes kit is selling for $3.99 as an add-on item and includes 20 markers with 20 adult coloring pages.