Ohuhu Alcohol Markers Review: A Budget-Friendly Alternative to Copics

I have wanted to try alcohol markers for some time. Since I’m on a tight budget, I decided to try out the highly rated Ohuhu markers from Amazon.

Ohuhu markers come in 80 and 40 count sets, so you can choose which one best meets your needs. The price works out to be about 68 cents per marker for the smaller set and 56 cents per marker for the larger set. Either way, this is a steal since comparable Copic sets on Amazon sell for $5 or more per marker.

What I Love

  • The colors are vibrant and highly pigmented. Just keep in mind that they will dry a little lighter than what they first appear. I would suggest making yourself a labeled color chart for reference.
  • I know lots of people prefer a brush tip, but for me the fine tip and bullet tip are easier to use than the brush tips. The fine tip is sufficient for all but the most detailed of adult coloring books.
  • Blending is fairly easy. I’m a newbie when it comes to alcohol markers, but it didn’t take me too long to figure out how to blend the colors.
  • The included carrying case makes it easy to store and transport your markers for coloring on the go.

What I Don’t

  • The printing they use on the caps is terrible. I love the idea of being able to identify each color with a name and number, but the printing keeps wearing off. I’ve been using these markers for about two months now and the printing has worn off on 75% of the caps. (However, in the Amazon product description, it looks like there is a new 2018 version of the product that is supposed to address this issue.)
  • There are no decent skin tones, so if you color people a lot you’ll need a separate set for that.
  • There is no blending marker included, so I purchased mine separately. You can make some neat effects without a colorless blender, but it’s definitely a nice addition that I wish would have been added.


Blue and green color test using color numbers 185, 63, 163 and 59.

Pink color test using color numbers 6, 15, 8, and 196.

Yellow and orange color test using color numbers 33, 23 45, and 10.

Final Thoughts

I was a little nervous about this purchase because I researched the company and found that Ohuhu doesn’t make art supplies exclusively. On their website, they have markers as wella s home, health, auto, music, beauty, and gardening items. That’s quite the diverse assortment!

Overall though, I’m very pleased with this set for the price. If you’re a beginner who wants to experiment with alcohol markers, but can’t afford Copics or other premium brands, this is a great alternative.

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