Getting Started With Grayscale Coloring: Tutorials and Free Sample Pages

Grayscale coloring is a new way to enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of adult coloring. Instead of coloring in a traditional line drawing, you are coloring over an image highlighted with different shades of gray. This gives you the look of shading in your finished picture without actually having to shade the colors yourself. For this reason, many people find that grayscale coloring pages are more forgiving of small mistakes than pages done with traditional line art.

Popular subjects for grayscale coloring pages include landscapes, animals, flowers, and fairytale or fantasy drawings. Grayscale coloring is most often done with colored pencils, but you may try using watercolors or markers. However, keep in mind that you want to use a coloring medium that will let the gray in the original image show through. Opaque mediums such as gel pens will cover up the details in a grayscale page, which is why they are typically only used for highlighting small areas.

Grayscale Coloring Tutorials

If you’re thinking about trying grayscale coloring for yourself, start with this short beginner video.

This video focuses on blending colors on grayscale pages.

If you want to color pages with people, you’ll find this skin tone video helpful.

Free Grayscale Coloring Pages

Canoe by Mountain Lake free grayscale coloring page from Coloring Pages Bliss

Free grayscale coloring page with fairy from Aurella Art

Free grayscale coloring page with fairy from Color Planer

Venice, Italy free grayscale coloring page from Sarah Renee Clark

Popular Grayscale Coloring Books 

Beautiful Nature

Adorable Animals

Enchanted Art

Animals Grayscale Coloring Book