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25 Pantone Inspired Spring Color Palettes

Sarah Renae Clark has the best eye when it comes to pairing colors. For your enjoyment, she’s put together a collection of 25 color palettes inspired by Pantone’s Spring 2018 color trends. You can view the entire list on her website or purchase a PDF ebook with all of the palettes together for easy printing and reference. Click here for details.

My three favorite colors from this range are PANTONE 17-3020 – Spring Crocus, PANTONE 14-3207 – Pink Lavender, and PANTONE 18-3838 – Ultra Violet, but I think I’m in love with them all! There are so many fun possibilities that it’s going to be hard to pick just one to color with!

Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor Pale Vermillion and Crimson Red

Pale Vermillion and Crimson Red aren’t really my favorite colors to use, but I think this mandala color palette works well. The Jade Green and Sepia tones serve to tone down the vibrant nature of the colors.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC948 –  Sepia
  • PC1803 – Putty Beige
  • PC1201 – Jade Green
  • PC921 – Pale Vermillion
  • PC924 – Crimson Red

The image is from the free Greatest Hits coloring book from Jade Summer. This sampler collection of 50 images includes mandalas, as well as animals, mermaids, flowers, and more.

Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor Lilac and Aquamarine

Coloring is the perfect cure for a bad day. There’s something about combos of lilac and aquamarine just makes me happy!

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC1007 – Imperial Violet
  • PC956 – Lilac
  • PC1027 – Peacock Blue
  • PC905 – Aquamarine
  • PC992 – Light Aqua

The mandala image is from Ugh, I Can’t Even: A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book by Papeterie Bleu. This book features a collection of quick and easy mandala images with sarcastic and humorous sayings that are sure to turn a bad mood around.

Color Palette Generator: Prismacolor True Blue and Warm Grey

Warm grey and blue is one of my favorite home decor color combos, so I decided to translate this idea into a pretty color palette for a mandala.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC901 – Indigo Blue
  • PC903 – True Blue
  • PC913 – Spring Green
  • PC1051 – 20% Warm Grey
  • PC1056 – 70% Warm Grey

The mandala is from Coloring Pages for Adults, a free PDF book available on Wikimedia Commons. This 258-page freebie has mandalas, butterflies, animals, hearts, and more for you to color. I printed my design at 50% scale so it would be small enough to add to a handmade greeting card when I was finished.

Download a Free Color Combination Chart

If you love playing with unique color combinations, there’s a fabulous free download on the Sarah Renae Clark website that you’re going to want to snag ASAP.

This free adult coloring page features flowers you can use to test out different color combos on, as well as space to write down the names of the colors you like best.  There’s room for up to five colors per flower, with eight flowers per page.

In addition to helping to keep you organized, I think this is so much prettier than simply scribbling ideas on scrap paper!



Prismacolor Color Palette: Warm Grey

Gray is my favorite neutral to wear, but I don’t often use it in my coloring. However, I really love this color combination. It’s one I’ll have to remember when updating my wardrobe.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC921 – Pale Vermillion
  • PC1002 – Yellow Orange
  • PC989 – Chartreuse
  • PC1051 – 50% Warm Grey
  • PC1051 – 20% Warm Grey

The picture is from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain. This is one of her earlier books, but I keep coming back to the designs because I love the smaller size and the instant gratification of getting a picture done quickly.

Prismacolor Color Palette: Summer Sunburst

This particular color palette is a bright and cheery selection inspired by the warmer weather we’ve been having recently. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer!

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC926 – Carmine Red
  • PC994 – Process Red
  • PC918 – Orange
  • PC917 – Sunburst Yellow

The picture is from Stress Less Coloring: Flower Patterns. Part of the Stress Less series by Adams Media, this book has over 100 realistic and abstract flower designs in various levels of difficulty.

Prismacolor Color Palette: Pretty Paisley Perfection

The free adult coloring book from The Togetherness Project is one I keep coming back to again and again. I love the inspirational quotes and the designs are perfect for experimenting with different color schemes.

This particular color palette is from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC1027 – Peacock Blue
  • PC911 – Olive Green
  • PC931 – Dark Purple
  • PC925 – Crimson Lake
  • PC994 – Process Red

All About the Color Green

If you want to feel emotionally balanced, you can’t go wrong reaching for the color green. People who consider green a favorite color are calm, family-oriented, practical, compassionate, and nurturing.

Green has long been considered the color of life, symbolizing nature, fertility, growth,  and energy. It’s also the color of money, bringing to mind images of prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

Fun Facts About Green

The next time you’re coloring with friends, impress them with these fun facts:

  • Green is the national color of Ireland.
  • Green was a popular choice for wedding dresses in the 1400s due to its association with fertility.
  • Santa’s suit was widely portrayed as green until the 1950s when he became a staple in Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertisements.
  • After London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green, suicides dropped by 34%.
  • Scheele’s Green, a pigment used in wallpaper, home decor, and clothing, lead to thousands of deaths because of its arsenic content. It’s thought that Napoleon may have been one of the victims of this deadly shade.
  • Research suggests that people perform better on tasks requiring creativity when they’re working a room decorating in green.

Shades of Green

Every colorist knows there are an abundance of shades of each color. Common shades of green include:

  • Army green
  • Blue-green
  • Chartreuse
  • Emerald
  • Hunter green
  • Forest green
  • Jade
  • Kelly green
  • Olive
  • Lime
  • Moss green
  • Shamrock green

Depending upon what shade you choose and what other colors you add, an adult coloring page with a green color palette can be playful and cheerful or sophisticated and elegant.  Past color combos featured on Simply Inspired include:

[Photo is a colored page from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain.]

Download a Free Color Wheel

200xnxdownload-wheel-huesA color wheel can be a great tool for selecting color schemes for your pages, but you might not want to purchase one if you’re working with a tight budget. Fortunately, Color Wheel Artist has three free printable color wheels you can download. There’s a basic color chart as well as two blank charts you can use to create your own color wheel using your preferred brand of colored pencils, markers, or gel pens.

For more color inspiration, check out the posts in our Color Palettes category.