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Enter to Win ‘Color Me Lisa Frank’ Adult Coloring Books

lisa frank unicorn

lisa frank kitty

’90s girls unite! The Color Me Lisa Frank adult coloring books from Dollar General are a must-have addition to your collection. There are four different books in all and each one is priced at just $3, making them budget-friendly and fun!

lisa frank book 1 coverlisa frank book 2 coverGo back to the days when life was simple and your greatest joy was stuffing your backpack full of Lisa Frank school supplies. The ballerina bunnies, frisky kitties, and psychedelic dolphins you loved as in elementary school are now part of a coloring book designed for adults. Each page is packed with intricate details for a challenging yet soothing artistic experience.

The nostalgic collection of 24 images in the Color Me Lisa Frank adult coloring book is printed on high quality bright white paper. Pages are one-sided, making them suitable for use with colored pencils, gel pens, and markers.

Of course, vibrant neon colors are a necessity for this fabulous adult coloring experience! I’ve been using a combination of highlighters and glitter gel pens on my pages.

As a special treat, I have two extra books to giveaway to one lucky reader. (I wasn’t able to find a whole set anywhere near me, since these books have been super popular!)

To enter, leave a comment telling me why you love Lisa Frank. I’ll pick a winner at random on July 31. US residents only, please!

lisa frank book 2

lisa frank book 1

UPDATE: This contest is now. Our winner is #2. 

Enter to Win Your Own Set of Art-n-Fly Gel Pens

Every Day

When I’m having a bad day, nothing makes me smile quite like a new set of gel pens. If you’re looking for a similar pick-me-up, why not try out the Art-n-Fly set of 40 gel pens?

Art-n-Flyart n fly pens is a new manufacturer on the adult coloring book scene and recently contacted me to review their pens. The photo below shows color swatches from all of the pens in the set that I received. Even though my set accidentally included two yellow glitter pens, I was pleased with the wide range of colors. I particularly liked that there were lots of different greens and blues to choose from, since these colors are helpful when you’re doing nature pages.  

If you can’t tell from my photo, the set includes several different types of gel pens.

  • Glitter: The glitter ink is quite subtle in this set, but a nice option for embellishing your pages with a touch of sparkle.
  • Metallic: These were my favorite colors by far. They add a touch of sophistication to any coloring page. The mandala image at the bottom of this post was colored with the metallic pens.
  • Pastel: I personally don’t use pastel pens very often, but I tried them out with the green and yellow glitter pens to do the notecard at the top of this post. 
  • Neon: Neon pens are a little too bright for my taste, but I do use them occasionally for highlights or on black background pages.
  • Classic: Combining classic colors with glitter or metallic pens creates interesting special effects.

color swatches

The ink in these pens seems to dry fairly quickly, which is good if you tend to have problems smudging your work or if you often color with your kids and don’t want them leaving ink smears all over your table. However, if you want to try blending gel pens, the fast drying ink will be a bit of a challenge. In this case, I’d recommend combining the pens in this set with a wetter ink pen like the Sakura Gelly Rolls. Alternating between wet and dry ink gives you room for more creative effects.

The barrels of the pens are on the thinner side, which means the set takes up minimal storage space. I decided to keep my pens in my favorite Wonder Woman coffee mug, stored with the tips down to reduce the risk of the ink drying out. All 40 pens fit in the mug with room to spare!

One aspect of this set that I really like is how the pen caps and ends are a fairly accurate representation of the color of ink. It drives me crazy to purchase gel pens where you can’t distinguish the glitter or metallic pens from the basic colors.

Art-n-Fly gel pens are available for purchase via Amazon.  At $17.99 for a set of 40 pens, these are the one of the cheapest sets of gel pens I’ve personally used. However, I feel like they perform comparably to brands that are considerably more expensive.  If you use gel pens frequently for coloring, you’ll run out of ink quickly regardless of the brand you choose. Therefore, this is one area where you can save money without scrimping on quality.

Would you like to try a set for yourself? Art-n-Fly has generously offered to giveaway a set of pens to one lucky reader. To enter this drawing, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite color is and why. I’ll choose one winner at random on May 30.

6Disclaimer: Product samples were provided by the manufacturer.

UPDATE: (6-2) My apologies for being so late in picking a winner. It’s the first week of summer vacation for my son and adjusting to the changed schedule is more effort than I anticipated. Our lucky winner is #6.

gold mandala


Enter to Win a Free Copy of ‘Reverie: A Coloring Retreat’

coloring retreat

Published in March, Reverie: A Coloring Retreat is Mysha Denson’s first adult coloring book. This title is described as being a collection of church-themed illustrations, featuring the Garden of Eden, the Sacred Grove, and LDS symbols and sayings. However, it didn’t strike me as being particularly religious when flipped through the pages. There are lots of butterflies, plants, and flowers drawn in a cute whimsical style that I think you can appreciate regardless of your particular spiritual beliefs.

All of the pages are printed on quality paper and perforated for easy removal, which is always a plus. However, keep in mind that the designs are printed on both the front and back of the page. Many of the pages seem to be double page spreads, such as the photo in the bottom right of the collage above — where the butterflies span two pages. This means the book is best suited for those of you who like to work in colored pencils as opposed to markers or gel pens.

Reverie: A Coloring Retreat can be purchased on Amazon for $12.99. However, the publisher has generously provided a copy for me to give to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment letting me know why you’re interested in adding this title to your collection. I’ll pick one winner at random on May 9. (US residents only, please.)


19UPDATE: Thanks to all who entered. Our winner is #19.

Enter to Win a Free Copy of ‘The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Coloring Book’

quilt coloring book

If you love quilting and coloring, I have a treat for you! The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Coloring Book combines quilting and adult coloring for a book that’s sure to delight quilters of all ages and skill levels.

This book has over 70 classic quilt designs inspired by the nostalgic beauty of Laurie Aaron Hird’s bestselling Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt series. The designs are inspired by the work of 1920s and 1930s farm wives, paying tribute to the resourcefulness that helped families make it through the Great Depression.

farmer's wifeEven though the pages look white in my sample photos above, they are actually printed on a light cream colored paper. This gives them a slight vintage feel, which helps set it apart the book from other titles I’ve seen recently.

Since all of the designs are perforated, they’re very easy to remove from the book. In fact, you could easily make a paper quilt wall display from all your finished creations.

You can order The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Coloring Book, which was published on February 29, on Amazon for $10.77.

quilt bookAs an added bonus, the publisher has generously provided a copy of The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt Coloring Book for me to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment letting me know why you’re interested in adding this title to your collection. I’ll pick one winner at random on March 9. (US residents only, please.)

Update: Our lucky winner is #9. Thanks to all who entered!

Enter to Win a Free Copy of ‘The Bible Coloring Book’

bible coloring book collage

For my Christian readers, The Bible Coloring Book: Inspired Scenes and Scripture from the Old Testament is a must have. Featuring illustrations by Tammi Trucchi and Claudia Wolf, this book is an excellent complement to any Bible study effort and would make a beautiful gift item for a friend or family member who wants to incorporate their faith into their coloring time.
bible coloring book coverThe scripture pages are my personal favorite, but those of you who enjoy the challenge of coloring people will enjoy tackling the scenes from the Old Testament. The pages in this book are single-sided, with the image credit on the back side. Although they’re not perforated, they can easily be removed with a cutting knife and a craft mat if desired.

The introduction of the book is particularly interesting, as it offers some tips for your color choices. For example, did you know that purple symbolizes royalty and riches while green represents life and growth?

You can order The Bible Coloring Book on  Amazon for $11.09. (Since the book has 192 pages, I think that’s an amazing bargain!)

14As an added bonus, the publisher has generously provided a copy of The Bible Coloring Book for me to giveaway to one lucky reader. To enter, please leave a comment sharing your favorite Bible verse. I’ll pick one winner at random on February 29. (US residents only, please.)

UPDATE: Our winner is lucky #14. Thanks to all who entered! Watch for a new giveaway starting March 2. 


Enter to Win a Free Copy of OrnaMENTALs Volume 1: Whimsical Mandalas


ornamentals 01OrnaMENTALs Volume 1: Whimsical Mandalas is the first coloring book from Sue Chastain, the owner of SuziQ Creations. This collection of 30 mandala coloring pages includes geometric designs as well as mandalas incorporating realistic elements such as frogs, hummingbirds, flowers, and guitars. All of the pages are single sided, with the design title and a space for you to date your artwork on the back. Pages measure 8 ½” x 8 ½”.

ornaMENTALs_Vol.1_01Sue is a former colleague from my days and asked me to color the design for the cover of her book. The cover design “Majestic Star” was colored with Bic Mark-It ultra fine markers in Midnight Navy, Sunset Orange, Moonstone Yellow, Adobe Orange, and Prairie Berry. It took me three nights to finish, as did the “Be My Mandalatine” design at the top of this post. This is definitely the book for you if you’re looking for a challenge!

You can purchase a copy of the OrnaMENTALs therapeutic coloring book on Amazon for $11.66. If you’d prefer a digital version of the book, you can buy it directly from the SuziQ Creations website for just $8.99.  Your print or e-book purchase also includes a bonus coupon code for 25% off additional OrnaMENTALS digital downloads.  

I’m excited to announced that Sue has generously donated a copy of OrnaMENTALs Volume 1: Whimsical Mandalas for me to give to one lucky reader. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating why you enjoy adult coloring. I’ll choose one winner at random on November 2.

ornamentals 02

22UPDATE – I’ve selected #22 with the help of  Thank you to everyone who entered!

I’m hoping to have more fun giveaways for you in the weeks to come!

Enter to Win a Copy of Outside the Lines, Too!

outside the lines 01

Curated by Souris Hong, Outside the Lines, Too: An Inspired and Inventive Coloring Book by Creative Masterminds is the followup to the bestselling Outside the Lines adult coloring book.  If you head over to Review District, you can check out my review of this title and enter to win your own copy. Hurry though, because I’m picking a winner on October 5!

If you don’t win the contest, never fear. Perigee Books has a free sampler pack that includes images from this title as well as some of their popular adult coloring books. Click here to download these freebies as PDF file in Google Drive.

[Photo is one of my work in progress pages from Outside the Lines, Too: An Inspired and Inventive Coloring Book by Creative Masterminds.]

Enter to Win a Free Absurd Coloring Book

weirdosIf you like connecting with other colorists on Faceboook, here’s a fun contest to enter. Absurd Coloring Book is giving away three books: The Absurd Activity Coloring Book for Adults, The Absurd JUST Coloring Book for Adults, and the Faerie Trimmings Coloring Book.

To win, you need to

  1. Join the ColoUring For Weirdos Facebook group.
  2. Color a page from either of the Absurd Books or from the Faerie Trimmings book. (Click here for a free download if you don’t have these books.)
  3. Post your picture in the comments of the pinned post at the top of the ColoUring For Weirdos group page and include your Weirdo Warrior name! (For example, mine is J.A. Early Riser which stands for Just Another Early Riser)

Entries are due September 6 at 11:59 pm PST. The company will announce the winners shortly after that.

Good luck to everyone who enters!


Celebrate National Coloring Book Day on August 2

coloringbookdaycollageHave you made plans for this weekend yet? If not, I hope you can find time to participate in the first ever holiday celebrating the growing popularity of adult coloring books.

National Coloring Book Day is scheduled for August 2, providing an opportunity for adult colorers to connect with others who share their enthusiasm for this creative outlet. Visit the National Coloring Book Day website to find a coloring party near you or participate online. The site also lets you download a collection of free coloring pages and enter to win one of five sets of coloring books for adults.