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Adult Coloring Books Help Protect Your Brain

Adult Coloring Books Help Protect Your BrainDoes coloring make you feel like a kid again? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a good scientific reason why you should continue to color as much as possible.  Pacific Standard has an interesting article, Making Art Tied to Fewer Cognitive Problems in Old Age, that reports on a Mayo Clinic study finding that people who engage in creative pursuits are less likely to experience memory or thinking problems in their golden years.

Crayola Introduces Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kits

Crayola Color Escapes

With the holidays fast approaching, here’s a new item to add to your wish list: Color Escapes Adult Coloring Kits from Crayola. The company says they  offer “a soothing, creative experience that’s easy to do and easy on your mind.”

The kits include:

  • 12 premium coloring pages on 11×17 heavyweight paper
  • 50 Crayola colored pencils
  • Either 12 Crayola fine line markers or 12 watercolor colored pencils

The art in each kit is created around a popular theme:

  • Kaleidoscope. Symmetrical patterns spin into soothing circular designs
  • Geometric. Shapes shift and stretch in surreal optical illusions
  • Nature. Flora and fauna depicted in daringly detailed drawings
  • Garden. Critters frolic and fly against a garden of natural settings

Here’s a cute video with a sneak peak at some of the designs that are being offered.


Adult Coloring Books Featured on CBS News

28-lost-ocean-2There’s a great article on CBS News about the popularity of adult coloring books, featuring interviews with several colorists as well as those in the publishing industry. I love this quote from Johanna Basford explaining why she felt compelled to create Secret Garden. “I just felt that there was an opportunity for people to be creative and do something with their hands that was analog,” Basford said. “You know, a blank sheet of paper could be quite intimidating. But with a coloring book, the outlines will be there and I wondered if people would latch onto that as a chance to sort of flex the creative muscle.”

That’s exactly how I feel about coloring! After spending all day working at the computer, there’s nothing more relaxing than turning off the screen and trying to pick out new color combos for a project. It’s by far the best part of my evening!

[Page from “Lost Ocean” coloring book by Johanna Basford.]

Coloring Books for Adults Take Brazil by Storm


In Coloring books now account for over 17% of all Brazilian book sales, Gabriel Fisher looks at the phenomenal popularity of adult coloring books throughout Brazil. One interesting tidbit from this story is that people have been reported to be seen fighting over colored pencils on the shelf! (I love coloring too, but I can’t even imagine getting into a fight with someone over new art supplies. Thank goodness we have plenty to go around in the US!)


Celebrate National Coloring Book Day on August 2

coloringbookdaycollageHave you made plans for this weekend yet? If not, I hope you can find time to participate in the first ever holiday celebrating the growing popularity of adult coloring books.

National Coloring Book Day is scheduled for August 2, providing an opportunity for adult colorers to connect with others who share their enthusiasm for this creative outlet. Visit the National Coloring Book Day website to find a coloring party near you or participate online. The site also lets you download a collection of free coloring pages and enter to win one of five sets of coloring books for adults.

Parade Magazine Pays Tribute to Adult Coloring

50 Shades of HappyIf you enjoy reading the weekend newspaper, you might have noticed that Parade magazine ran a rather extensive feature on adult coloring. However, if you missed it, you can read the cover story 50 Shades of Happy: The New Joy of Coloring online. As part of the story, you can also download free coloring pages from some of the most popular adult coloring books — including Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure and Coloring Book by Johanna Basford.


Quirky Coloring Books for Grown Ups


Are you itching for something new to color? AZ Central’s list of 6 Quirky Coloring Books for Adults includes some off the wall titles, including the humorous-sounding  Unicorns Are Jerks.

I recently received an advance copy of one of the featured coloring books, Color Me Crazy by Peter Deligdisch, for review. I’ve only just started coloring, but I can assure you that it’s a fabulous book for anyone who loves intricate detail work.

Mandala Happiness Lets You Connect with Your Spiritual Side

Mandala HappinessColoring mandalas has been known to help reduce stress, inspire creativity and bring an inner calm. Mandalas have been used for ages as a way to connect with the spiritual world and with your inner self. Mandala coloring pages can bring out your spiritual side, establish a sacred space, and aid in meditation and relaxation.

J. Bruce Jones and Bruce Jones Design Inc. recently announced the release of a series of Mandala Happiness adult coloring books focusing on mandalas and their spiritual nature. Each book contains over 40 outlined mandalas to draw, color and bond with. Each mandala is printed on the front of the page with a blank page behind so they are perfect for colored pens and markers, avoiding page bleed.

All books can be purchased on Amazon for $9.95 each:


Easily Record Your Favorite Color Combinations

coloristLovely Leisure Coloring Books has released a two book series Colorist’s Companion that fills the desire by many coloring enthusiasts to organize and coordinate their coloring pencils, pens and markers.

The Colorist’s Companion books facilitate a place to review what the colors look like on paper and record favorite color combinations. These professionally bound volumes – coloring books themselves, work as a source document for colorists, that can be stored handsomely with the rest of a devotee’s books.

Readily available for purchase through Amazon, and available wholesale, the Colorist’s Companion consists of two designs – one designed specifically for pencils, the others for markers. Each volume runs $5.99 – the price of about one quality marker.