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Learn the Best Way to Sharpen Your Colored Pencils

Everybody knows how to sharpen a pencil, right? Actually, it’s not as easy as you think. With the wrong technique, you risk breaking your lead or sharpening away more of your pencil than what’s necessary. These mistakes cost you money, especially if you’ve invested in a set of Prismacolors or other artist quality coloring tools. Watch this video to make sure you’re getting as much use from your coloring tools as possible.

Crochet a Marker Case for On-the-Go Adult Coloring


If you can crochet, I think you’re going to love this free pattern for a convertible marker case. It lets you neatly store your collection of travel markers in a purse or backpack, then convert the case into an upright pen jar when you’re ready to color. Doodles and Jots has the details.

Although this marker case is super cute, you’re not entirely out of luck if you can’t crochet. You can use your favorite coloring pages to make pencil pouches from plastic Ziploc bags or check out some of our other tips for organizing your adult coloring supplies.


Sneak in a Little Coloring Fun at the Office

adult coloring with highlighters

Ever find yourself at work with a little free time on your hands? Why not try some adult coloring fun? Although you probably don’t have colored pencils or markers at the office, I’m guessing you have a few highlighters. Their florescent ink can be loads of fun to color with and the picture will glow under a black light when you’re finished. The example above, which is a page from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain, was colored using mini highlighters from Yoobi.  Since they donate school supplies to low-income kids with every purchase you make, I love supporting this brand. The small size of the highlighters makes them a little tricky to work with in tight spots, but since you get 10 colors for $4.99 I think they’re still a fab addition to my supply stash.

How to Color with Gel Pens

If you’re new to working with gel pens, or just want to improve your technique a bit, this tutorial has several great tips to try. It’s 25 minutes long, but you can skip around a bit if you need to. (With these types of videos, I usually let them play in the background while I’m coloring or doing other things.)

How to Use Watercolors in Adult Coloring Books

Although there’s nothing wrong with sticking to colored pencils, gel pens, and markers for your adult coloring adventures, using watercolors can be a wonderful way to expand your skills and create some unique effects that aren’t possible with other mediums. This video is a fabulous intro to using watercolors in adult coloring books, complete with tips, tools, and recommendations for choosing a book with the right type of paper.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by Coloring Your Own Love Notes

Valentine 01

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! If you’re looking for a special way to show your sweetheart how much you care, why not send a hand-colored Valentine card with a thoughtful love note on back? These examples are from Don’t Quit Your Daydream, but there are several other similar designs offered by various artists.

If you need a gift to include with your Valentine’s Day card, I recently wrote DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts to Demonstrate Your Love for Wonderful DIY to showcase some of my favorite handmade holiday treats. (The heart shaped fudge is my personal favorite!)

Valentine 02

Get the Blended Effect with Half the Work Using Tri-Tone Colored Pencils

blending 1

If you love the look of blended colors, but hate trying to actually blend colored pencils on your own, you definitely need to invest in a few tri-tone pencils. These pencils feature several coordinating colors of lead together so you get a subtle blended look when you color. The examples in this post were all done using Yoobi colored pencils, which are a little hard to sharpen but still lots of fun to play with. You can find them at Target for $3.49.

blending 03

blending 02

How to Make a No-Sew Pencil Case

I’ve had my eye on the roll up pencil cases for quite some time now, but I’m a bit strapped for cash and thought they looked hard to make on my own. But, this no sew version looks super easy. I wonder how big I could make it? Or maybe I should just make a bunch of cases and have one for every color of the rainbow?