Snag a Free Adult Coloring Book from Fave Crafts

One of my favorite things about the adult coloring craze is the number of amazing freebies you can find online. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase any coloring books, you could color all day using nothing but free printables!

Fave Crafts has a free book for you to download featuring 15 different printable designs — ranging from mandalas and simple geometric patterns to flowers and other nature inspired images. Many of the designs are small enough that you could easily cut them out and make your own handmade greeting cards when you’re finished.

“Grow The Glow” Free Inspirational Coloring Page

If you’re feeling blue, there’s nothing like a new coloring page to brighten your mood. Celestrial’s Pencil has a number of gorgeous free inspirational adult coloring pages for you to color and print, including the “Grow the Glow” design featured above. This heart design makes me think of Valentine’s Day, but it’s actually appropriate for any time of year. I think the message is one we all need with so many terrible things happening in the world today.

If you love this artist’s style, there are also several adult coloring books that you can purchase on her website. The books appear to feature a range of seasonally inspired images, as well as flowers and other nature designs.

Prismacolor Color Palette: Pretty Paisley Perfection

The free adult coloring book from The Togetherness Project is one I keep coming back to again and again. I love the inspirational quotes and the designs are perfect for experimenting with different color schemes.

This particular color palette is from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC1027 – Peacock Blue
  • PC911 – Olive Green
  • PC931 – Dark Purple
  • PC925 – Crimson Lake
  • PC994 – Process Red

5 Free Printable Adult Coloring Valentines

Whether you have friends who like to color or want to make a sweet note for your significant other, share the love with some adorable free printable adult coloring Valentines.

“I Love You to Pieces” —  LoveTheDay

“You Color My Word”  — The Craft Patch

“I Love Everything About You” — Tried and True

Free Valentine’s Day Bookmarks — I Should Be Mopping the Floor

“Happy Galentine’s Day!” — Persia Lou


All About the Color Green

If you want to feel emotionally balanced, you can’t go wrong reaching for the color green. People who consider green a favorite color are calm, family-oriented, practical, compassionate, and nurturing.

Green has long been considered the color of life, symbolizing nature, fertility, growth,  and energy. It’s also the color of money, bringing to mind images of prosperity, wealth, and abundance.

Fun Facts About Green

The next time you’re coloring with friends, impress them with these fun facts:

  • Green is the national color of Ireland.
  • Green was a popular choice for wedding dresses in the 1400s due to its association with fertility.
  • Santa’s suit was widely portrayed as green until the 1950s when he became a staple in Coca-Cola’s Christmas advertisements.
  • After London’s Blackfriar Bridge was painted green, suicides dropped by 34%.
  • Scheele’s Green, a pigment used in wallpaper, home decor, and clothing, lead to thousands of deaths because of its arsenic content. It’s thought that Napoleon may have been one of the victims of this deadly shade.
  • Research suggests that people perform better on tasks requiring creativity when they’re working a room decorating in green.

Shades of Green

Every colorist knows there are an abundance of shades of each color. Common shades of green include:

  • Army green
  • Blue-green
  • Chartreuse
  • Emerald
  • Hunter green
  • Forest green
  • Jade
  • Kelly green
  • Olive
  • Lime
  • Moss green
  • Shamrock green

Depending upon what shade you choose and what other colors you add, an adult coloring page with a green color palette can be playful and cheerful or sophisticated and elegant.  Past color combos featured on Simply Inspired include:

[Photo is a colored page from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain.]

Pairing Highlighters with Gel Pens for a Bright and Bold Look

I’ve written about coloring in adult coloring books with highlighters before, but for some reason it never occurred to me to pair highlighters with gel pens until now. The bright, bold colors of highlighters are the perfect complement to your favorite sparkly glitter gel pens.

The example above is a colored page is from Valentina Harper’s Creative Coloring: A Second Cup of Inspirations. I love her style, but totally lack the patience to fill in all those details individually. So, this technique works perfectly as a time saver. I can make a base coat quickly with my highlighters, then add as many details as desired with the glitter gel pens. Since highlighters are a lighter color, you can still see the gel pen ink perfectly.  The only difference is that layering makes your gel pen colors show up a bit darker than they would otherwise.

I used Yoobi brand mini highlighters from Target for my coloring because I love the range of colors in the set. Unfortunately, the tiny size of these highlighters makes them a little tricky to color with. If you’re buying highlighters for adult coloring books, I’d probably recommend a full size set like the 8-count Sharpie retractable highlighters on Amazon.

Also, don’t forget that highlighters glow under a black light because of the florescent ink.  If you’re looking to make unique wall art for a teen’s room, this would be the perfect way to do so!