Adult Coloring in the Workplace: How Your Coloring Style Reveals Your Personality

Do you get to color at work? If not, maybe you should see if your boss will let you start!

Entrepreneur recently published a great article about using adult coloring in the workplace as a way to foster teamwork, improve communication, and boost morale. The author, Kelly Lovell, has some fascinating insights into how your coloring style can be used to evaluate your strengths as an employee. If you outline before filling in, choose unusual color palettes, or often leave your pictures unfinished, you’ll want to check this article out!


Prismacolor Color Palette: Warm Grey

Gray is my favorite neutral to wear, but I don’t often use it in my coloring. However, I really love this color combination. It’s one I’ll have to remember when updating my wardrobe.

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC921 – Pale Vermillion
  • PC1002 – Yellow Orange
  • PC989 – Chartreuse
  • PC1051 – 50% Warm Grey
  • PC1051 – 20% Warm Grey

The picture is from MiniMENTALS by Sue Chastain. This is one of her earlier books, but I keep coming back to the designs because I love the smaller size and the instant gratification of getting a picture done quickly.

Prismacolor Color Palette: Summer Sunburst

This particular color palette is a bright and cheery selection inspired by the warmer weather we’ve been having recently. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer!

All colors are from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC926 – Carmine Red
  • PC994 – Process Red
  • PC918 – Orange
  • PC917 – Sunburst Yellow

The picture is from Stress Less Coloring: Flower Patterns. Part of the Stress Less series by Adams Media, this book has over 100 realistic and abstract flower designs in various levels of difficulty.

Snag a Free Adult Coloring Book from Fave Crafts

One of my favorite things about the adult coloring craze is the number of amazing freebies you can find online. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase any coloring books, you could color all day using nothing but free printables!

Fave Crafts has a free book for you to download featuring 15 different printable designs — ranging from mandalas and simple geometric patterns to flowers and other nature inspired images. Many of the designs are small enough that you could easily cut them out and make your own handmade greeting cards when you’re finished.

“Grow The Glow” Free Inspirational Coloring Page

If you’re feeling blue, there’s nothing like a new coloring page to brighten your mood. Celestrial’s Pencil has a number of gorgeous free inspirational adult coloring pages for you to color and print, including the “Grow the Glow” design featured above. This heart design makes me think of Valentine’s Day, but it’s actually appropriate for any time of year. I think the message is one we all need with so many terrible things happening in the world today.

If you love this artist’s style, there are also several adult coloring books that you can purchase on her website. The books appear to feature a range of seasonally inspired images, as well as flowers and other nature designs.

Prismacolor Color Palette: Pretty Paisley Perfection

The free adult coloring book from The Togetherness Project is one I keep coming back to again and again. I love the inspirational quotes and the designs are perfect for experimenting with different color schemes.

This particular color palette is from the Prismacolor 72 count set, although I believe some of the colors might be found in smaller sets.

  • PC1027 – Peacock Blue
  • PC911 – Olive Green
  • PC931 – Dark Purple
  • PC925 – Crimson Lake
  • PC994 – Process Red

5 Free Printable Adult Coloring Valentines

Whether you have friends who like to color or want to make a sweet note for your significant other, share the love with some adorable free printable adult coloring Valentines.

“I Love You to Pieces” —  LoveTheDay

“You Color My Word”  — The Craft Patch

“I Love Everything About You” — Tried and True

Free Valentine’s Day Bookmarks — I Should Be Mopping the Floor

“Happy Galentine’s Day!” — Persia Lou